Change begins with me



At Work/Life Design, we believe that change – individual, social, cultural, environmental, economic, spiritual – begins at the individual level.

Whether you want peace, fulfilment, joy or love, change happens by getting clear about what’s important and living those values every day.

Work/Life Design services give you the space to articulate who you are (your life) and what you do (your work). Together, we create the structures, principles and actions that will allow you to live in a meaningful, joyful, peaceful, engaging and sustainable way.

Maybe you want to work out how to look after your basic needs sustainably. Maybe you are searching for the work that will bring you greatest fulfilment. Maybe you simply want to create some peace in a busy world. Perhaps it’s all of the above and more!

We start where you are and work with you to bring together what you desire (really) with your actual life.

Are you ready to create a life and work you love?